Jane Eyre (1996)

Jane Eyre (1996) is a more conventional, linear story than the more recent adaptation with Fassbender. This version seems to emphasize Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester as survivors of abuse who try to move past the legacy and destiny that others tried to force upon them. This version shows that the key to survival is to be frank about that abuse, love others and offer some level of redemption (Rochester saves a person’s life & Jane offers a hand to a dying relative) to those who wronged them.

Ride With The Devil

Ride With The Devil felt anachronistic to me. It felt like they brought a modern sensibility to racial, gender & immigrant politics to a nineteenth century setting. Gasp, can you believe that Southerners during the Civil War could be intolerant to immigrants & blacks! And see how that immigrant totally relates to the ex-slave because of how they’re not seen as people? Clutching pearls mode. Oh wait, no, it is the Civil War & nineteenth century. Yadda yadda. Ang Lee beautiful

Family Affair

Trigger warning for incest & physical abuse. Frank documentary about one family’s story: their experience of abuse at the hands of their father and the long-term repercussions after this abuse was exposed. Really wrestles with all the implications of abuse that usually gets air brushed. Not satisfying because it seems like everyone but the abuser is asked to struggle and accommodate with the situation. Shocking because the reported abuse seems like an iceberg-far more through the decades

Vampire Prosecutor Season 2

Vampire Prosecutor Season 2 was better than Season 1 particularly the chemistry between the characters, the mythology, the fight scenes & the stories, but the show faltered, almost unforgivably, in the last three episodes. They were very similar in format to the prior season, seemed painfully contrived, weakened the show by dividing the group into separate story lines and made me regret the introduction of what was an intriguing character who implausibly morphed into an “I’m evil