Far from the Madding Crowd

If left to my own devices, I probably would not have seen Far from the Madding Crowd because it is based on a novel by Thomas Hardy, and Hardy is a particular brand of over the top melodrama and excessive character torturer. He reminds me of Lars von Trier. I haven’t read this book and probably won’t. Also in my early movie going days, I would see almost any period drama set in Britain, and I feela bit full. I wasn’t even planning on seeing it


Crash felt like an unofficial sequel to Shivers, also known as They Came from Within, except apparently I find bloody phallic looking slugs that turn people into sex zombies less repulsive than the paraphiliic disorder that exhibits itself as a sexual arousal to car crashes. There are visual influences reflected in Cronenberg’s later work, Maps to the Stars, particularly Holly Hunter’s character in Crash and Mia Wasikowska’s character in Maps to

Still Alice

Still Alice would be a Lifetime movie or a very special episode of the East Coast/NYC, colder version of Parenthood if Julianne Moore’s magnificent performance and the clever direction that visually reflects Alice’s mental state did not elevate. The family is in that socioeconomic sweet spot that rarely worries about money, lives in a large family home in NYC (????), is professional successful andattractive. Dun dun DUN!!!! Tragedy strikes. Alice is


Reign is the CW’s weak attempt to siphon off the success of The Tudors. Reign bears little to no resemblance to the historical Mary, Queen of Scots. Even though it is set in France and half the characters are supposed to be Scottish, there is not one French or Scottish accent.
Reign has anachronistic positive themes such as religious tolerance, women gaining independence and being supportive in the face of sexual violence, but it is set in such a weak