In The Cut

I’m tapping out. All women aren’t victims & all men aren’t closet misogynist serial killers. I tapped out after first hour of In The Cut because seriously it is so gyny (TM Sarah Vincent). Seriously Jane Campion-the movie is shot kind of beautifully, but cliche. The edges are blurry & out of focus. All things female are light red or pink. Women are needy & constantly threatened thus slightly aroused by the nature of their predicament while also shocked & wide-eyed

Room 237

Don’t watch Room 237 if you scoff at people analyzing something, particularly modern art. If you think a cigar is just a cigar, this documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining will outrage you so just skip it. For those of you into critical analysis, it will be a joy to watch albeit at times even I had skeptical moments. Watch it when you’re wide awake & can give complete attention to the film. A must see for Kubrick fans or film nuts.

Doctor Sleep

Even though I enjoyed Doctor Sleep, I’m not sure if I needed or wanted a sequel to The Shining. As much I enjoy King’s schtick of bringing a disparate group of individuals together to protect a gifted child, I didn’t feel like any new ground was broken. I do think that it is interesting that King seems to find new ways to face his addiction and demons in his latest books, but at this point, I think that he should face it head on instead of prettying it up with the supernatural.

Being John Malkovich

I think that the closest that Americans will consistently get to magical realism is anything written by Charlie Kaufman. Being John Malkovich is familiar enough for the viewer to adjust with a soupçon of insensitive dialogue that gradually increases and is seemingly acceptable in this world. Unfortunately I was exhausted and done with everyone after I got my footing. I know that one of the points is that everyone is kind of horrible, selfish & vampiric in their need to feed their id &