Forget, Ocean’s 8! Widows is the heist movie for me. Steve McQueen usually offers sober, art house or issue movies such as Hunger or 12 Years a Slave, but he lets his hair down with this powerhouse film starring Viola Davis in this action packed, savvy, slick and sprawling thriller that occurs on the streets of Chicago.

Free Solo

Alex Honnold, the subject of Free Solo, needed to adjust from being a loner with no eyes on him to getting comfortable with being part of a community and embracing his emerging social, emotional side to accomplish his greatest individual achievement and become his best self.


Thank you to the movie theaters for saving me from myself by pulling the movie after one week and if it showed in the second week, it showed at a time too inconvenient for anyone with a job to see Boundaries. I would have been so mad if I had paid to see this crap.